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Shop window displays

Shop window displays are

... Ambassadors for your brand, product appetizers and guides to your goods!

Customised shop window displays open doors at the point of sale

With our board and corrugated cardboard shop window displays, you can get customers excited about your products even before they come in to the door! As a full-service display manufacturer, we will work with you to develop creative, custom display solutions that elevate your brand and products from the masses and generate curiosity among passers-by.

Use the diverse design and combination options we offer to create a unique shop window landscape.

Materials and finishing

Corrugated cardboard displays have the advantages of setting up very quickly and easily. In comparison to long-term displays made of other materials like wood, metal, or plastic, they are particularly inexpensive to manufacture.

Especially when designing shop window decorations, your options for combining different elements are almost unlimited, such as decorative displays and promotional stands made of many different materials, and other advertising elements like flags, banners and Keder systems.

All of our products have two things in common: they are all high-quality, and we always have exactly what you need!

From advising to logistics – everything from a single source

We work with you to select the right material for your custom advertisements for shop windows or stores, and you participate in every step:<br/> from consulting to 3D visualisation, prototyping and display production to shipping.


Contact us! Together, we can develop the right shop window displays and brand experiences for your brand and products.

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