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Conveys information, protects products, and draws attention


Customised, attention-grabbing product packaging

Our packaging solutions protect products while getting consumers excited about their contents – without losing sight of economic and logistical aspects. We also fill packaging with your products, for a full-service offer that is professional and intuitive.

Products we produce include:

We use creative and innovative ideas to develop a wide range of packaging options for your products. In addition, we also keep environmental-friendly features and practical, functional design in focus. Our company is known not only as a forge for creativity and ideas for your projects; we are also a full-service manufacturer for optimal realisation of your product packaging.

    Why packaging design is so important:

    Products packaging must be designed to create a positive first impression - after all, first impressions count. Because of this, it is a good idea to use unique packaging shapes and designs - such as gift packaging and promotional packaging - to emphasise that the contents are something special. Portable and sales packaging such as six packs are also good options, which promote the sale of multiple products at once in a practical way and generate impulse sales. Goods are also protected during shipping. Sampling packaging must be creative and appealing.

    Don't leave the design of your product packaging to chance! It transmits important signals to consumers, helping them understand the product itself. Carelessly designed packaging or packaging that leaves out important perceptual elements is nothing more than a basic wrap. It sends a subconscious message to the customer: This product is not very valuable, the designer didn’t try very hard to meet customer demands with this product. When consumers look at product packaging, these are the thoughts that go through their subconscious mind. The manufacturer must transmit their message in a very conscious way to reach the customer's subconscious attention. When designing packaging, the key question is how to best deliver the brand message. This gives producers a good opportunity to effectively market their products. Complex design and high-quality printing techniques create an optimal advertising option that is also less expensive than classic advertisements. The packaging design also needs to be very oriented towards the target audience, whether it is sales packaging or sample packaging.

    A jointly developed packaging concept is essential to creating a successful result. Ultimately, success is also dependent on the creativity of the packaging manufacturer, which is why Knappe + Lehbrink Promotion GmbH is the right partner.