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Industry solutions

Looking beyond your horizons

We always look beyond our own horizons, to find out whether there are good solutions we can adapt to different industries and products. This might not always work 100% - 50% is good enough to find a one hundred percent great new solution. This ensures we stay satisfied - and our customers do too.

Customised POS solutions for your industry

Our modern facilities offer a wide range of services for developing and producing displays tailored to your brand. We mainly produce displays made of card and corrugated cardboard, if required also from plastic, metal, or a blend of materials. Competent, reliable and professional – from 3D visualisation to the development phase to the finished product and shipping.

  • Products tailored to your brand with outstanding brand recognition value.
  • Unique eye-catchers, for instance in the shape of the product
  • Well-designed and clever, adapted to customer demand
  • Solutions customised for specific store and product situations
  • Products remain within the customer’s reach and line of sight
  • Product presentations that generate spontaneous sales        

Solutions adapted to logistical requirements:

Displays can also be delivered with goods. We have developed specific protective packaging, such as covers, for this purpose. Goods can be fitted directly in our in-house assembly area.

Contact us - we will work with you to develop the right sales presentation for your brand and products.