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Large surface displays

Large-scale displays create ...

... A world of experience, conveying your brand to customers in an emotional way.

Think big! With a custom, large-surface display for the point of sale

With POS displays like large-surface and large structure displays, you can appeal to your customers directly at the point of sale and showcase the scope of your brand. We work with you to design large-scale displays to generate attention and create a truly unique sales experience.

POS displays offer a variety of options and are a great way to boost revenues:

  • Large surface displays and structures can display a broad product range in a small space by advertising an entire brand family, generating impulse purchases.
  • POS displays can be combined and expanded in a modular fashion as secondary placements in a variety of applications, for instance with columns, superstructures or items.
  • Large-scale structures magically draw in customers, creating a positive atmosphere and encouraging buying behaviour. Use this advantage for special advertising campaigns like promotions, raffles or sweepstakes.
  • Combine large structures with POS displays holding merchandise to effectively boost your revenues.
  • Use a POS system to create a brand experience to present to your customers.

Assembly and logistics

Find out how your idea can become your new biggest seller. Knappe + Lehbrink provides everything from a single source: from advising and 3D visualisation to prototyping and product development to shipping tests and shipment. We also handle POS display shipping professionally for you. Our well-developed logistics software allows us to fulfil your needs for warehousing and shipping efficiently.

Contact us! Together, we can develop the right POS sales display for your brand and your products.

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