Floodlights for strong brands

Custom designed sales displays put your product in focus

They embody your values, stand for recognition and have outstanding differentiation potential – and yet: Even brand-name items don’t sell themselves. Ultimately, the products with the right quality and the right, unique presentation at the point of sale are the ones that land in shoppers’ carts. Our customers handle the first part, and we handle the second:

Individually designed sales displays put the focus on your product, while flags and banners support your retail presence and promotional items act as a reminder – even away from the POS.

We ensure that the consumer’s first look is towards your product, and guarantee a “wow” effect that makes it easy for them to decide to buy your goods.

From sales displays to packaging, flags and banners, or promotional items: Solutions from Knappe + Lehbrink Promotion open the floodlights on your brand for higher profits.

Perfect emotional appeal and perfect construction.