Event banners

Attention-grabbing motion

Event banners - Your flag flying in the wind

Event banners are hoisted on a flagpole, and offer flexible design options in portrait or landscape format to adapt to your specific on-site circumstances. 
We screen print these flags for optimal advertising impact from all sides. We produce our flags with a reinforced seam to ensure they stay put. The carabiners are sewn in using a specially designed edging strip, and the corners are reinforced with a double seam. They are assembled to perfectly fit your specific flagpole. Of course, our event banners can also be fitted with a wall bracket. 

You can wash your flags occasionally to ensure their colours stay vibrant and generate attention for years to come. Since we produce our event banners to be weather-resistant, you never need to worry about fading. Banners only need to be washed to remove dirt. 

An attention-grabbing option - Your advantages at a glance

  • Landscape or portrait format available
  • Any size, custom designs available
  • High-quality printing on polyester fabric with B1 fire protection class,
    REACH conforming
  • Short production and delivery times thanks to our on-site production facility

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