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POS displays

Custom sales displays for the POS

80 % of all purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale!

As a full-service sales display manufacturer, we are your expert partner for POS presentations.
Use our services and the commitment of our specialist team to find the right retail presentation for your products, create the right emotional tone for your brand, and generate higher sales.

In the advertising jungle, the display that generates the most awareness is the one that ultimately wins over the customer.

Whether you are interested in:

... the detailed solutions are always the best predictors of success.

From cardboard displays to long-term displays – Solutions for short or long-term use

Use our products and the commitment of our team of specialists, and find the sales display that can turn your product into a masterpiece – for any occasion, any industry, and any time period, such as:

Cardboard displays made of laminated corrugated cardboard for custom use

  • Ideal for product launches or secondary placements
  • Inexpensive to produce
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Material combinations available, such as textile, plastic, wood or metal

Create the right emotional tone with product staging, and send the signals that best appeal to your customers.

Advising – Production – Assembly and Logistics: all from a single source

From advising to draft development, to display production, assembly and logistics: We work with you to create custom solutions:

  • In various sizes, colours and shapes,
  • In a blend of materials or in combination with other advertising banner systems,
  • with different print and finishing options,
  • upon request, your displays can also be delivered pre-assembled or fitted.

Don’t miss the opportunity to generate higher sales and anchor your brand in the customer's awareness. We can help you turn your idea into your new biggest seller.


Contact us – and make your ideas work for you!

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