Give Aways / Incentives

… door openers, mood setters, profit earners

Our Asia Direct collection definitely creates a good mood – among consumers as well as among our clients. One group is delighted by smart everyday items with a built-in fun factor, while the other group appreciates the direct imports as a powerful vehicle for the brand image and their convincing price/performance ratio. Talk to us about the right selection and their optimum use at the POS. The wide range of customised advertising media for your promotion includes

  • Roll-up foam mattresses with a pillow as a coolbox
  • Inflatable bottles, e.g. 5-colour printed
  • Carnival costumes in the product design, including printing and embroidery
  • Hand towels, gazebos, remote-controlled trucks
  • Bamboo deckchairs
  • Individual raffle items appropriate to the product