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Banner Displays are ...

... elegant, flexible, and create atmosphere.

Banner displays – light as a feather, but true heavyweights in advertising

Our banner displays offer you dual flexibility. On the one hand, you take delivery of elegant shop concepts and decorative solutions which enable design changes that are simple, speedy and cost-effective. In addition, you can change their location without difficulty at any time, thanks to their low weight. This means that customers never lose sight of your display.

You too can benefit from a banner individually designed for your needs which already excites the curiosity of customers from a distance and draws them to you like a magnet.  Take advantage of the many benefits offered by banner displays to highlight your brand and products with even greater effect at the POS.

  • An aesthetic impression:  The banners have an all-round keder rubber band which is pushed tightly into a superior-quality aluminium frame, creating the appearance of a frameless artwork effectively displayed in any space.
  • Short response times, thanks to digital print: Whether you wish to create a changing seasonal motif or individual designs which reflect a particular campaign -  banner displays enable you to master every challenge.
  • Photorealistic print: The banners are printed on 210g/cm² display fabric. This material creates an attractive, homogeneous and cohesive surface, enabling the achievement of a photorealistic print.
  • The face and reverse side can be produced in identical or different designs.
  • Small or large? The choice of size is yours, depending on your individual taste.

We are proud to be your one-stop provider for every conceivable service.  Consulting, sample creation, printing, packaging and shipping – we understand our craft completely and are only satisfied when you are too. We look forward to hearing about your ideas and creating your individual banner display. And, if you are still searching for an inspired idea, rest assured that we will find the right one together.

Just contact us – we will be glad to advise you personally with no obligation on your part!

You can reach us by e-mail or telephone at +49 5223 9270-0, or please use our contact form.