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Flags / Banners / Digital printing are ...

… eye-catchers, advertising vehicles, crowd pullers.

Very visible – very effective, top quality at an attractive price. Our range of digitally printed flags and banners ensures that your unique message attracts maximum attention.

We produce the following for you:

Production employs 4-colour digital printing, achieving a high resolution (600x900dpi) on polyester fabrics in different material designs which meet fire protection class B1 requirements.

Advertising and decorative banners

Knappe + Lehbrink Promotion produces advertising and decorative banners and keder systems with digitally printed fabrics in a modern facility with a broad variety of options. In addition to decorative flags, our portfolio also includes a variety of display formats such as sales displays, long-term displays, display window decorations, shop-in-shop systems, displays with light and motion elements and much, much more.

We use the latest textile printing generation during manufacture in our digital printing facility, achieving print resolutions of up to 600 x 900 dpi.
This high resolution is ideal for finely detailed developments, skin tones and sophisticated motifs. The printed fabric roll is immediately cut into the desired format during post-processing which directly follows printing. It is then finished in different designs in our sewing and assembly workshops - a one-stop process for perfect results.

We provide the most suitable material for a variety of applications, ranging from classic flag fabrics to superior-quality satin, ensuring that your motif is displayed to maximum effect. Decorative banners can display individually crafted texts and motifs that appeal directly to your target group. Your marketing and advertising message can be displayed effectively and at an attractive price using advertising banners and flags. Our manufacturing process uses digital printing for marketing and advertising, producing flags and banners in a variety of designs. Best results are achieved when you take advantage of our direct consulting service, as only your completely personal advertising message counts when it comes to the success of your business. We specialise in the production of individual advertising banner designs. The result is a decorative banner in an optimum design that best meets your needs and requirements.

Advertising and decorative banners or keder systems represent a modern, versatile and flexible medium for use in a variety of sectors. Decorative banners are ideally suitable for the presentation of products and services - at attractive prices.