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Plastic Displays are ...

... distinguished sellers with staying power.

Our long-life displays – the perfect symbiosis of art and material

Plastic displays are the ideal media to attract customers to your point of sale – whether as a counter display at exactly the right height, or an impressive life-size eyecatcher which nobody will pass in a hurry. Don't miss the chance to exploit this unique advertising option and profit from the many advantages of our long-life communication media:

  • Versatile applications
  • Particularly elegant, high-quality solutions involving a variety of materials and the latest production techniques
  • Combination options with features such as lighting, sound and motion
  • Materials can be individually selected to suit specific product requirements
  • Clear and tidy solutions
  • A high degree of stability and durability
  • Perfect harmony with your brand
  • Optimum long-life advertising

Whether as an exposed exhibit of your latest products, a carrier for important information or completely configured with merchandise, for spontaneous purchases or secondary placements – plastic displays convey your message in an ideal fashion and ensure that your customers remember you.   Do you have a first-class brand?  Our display solutions will ensure that your products gain the attention they deserve!

Material and workmanship

Whether acrylic, PS, PVC or ABS – we focus on superior-quality plastics and careful attention to workmanship when it comes to manufacturing displays. We can therefore guarantee that your displays will in no way pale in comparison to their contents. Material mixes of plastic, metal or wood are also possible. Our modern production and assembly systems ensure that your every wish is taken into consideration.

Consulting – production – assembly and logistics

We ensure that you receive an all-round package. As a fully integrated display manufacturer, we transform your idea into reality – and should you not have one, we'll ensure that you also take delivery of an inspired solution. We advise you, visualise your solution on a Mac, create samples, develop individual display solutions for your products and even test shipping for you.

Just talk to us, and we will find the perfect solution for every budget.
You can reach us by Opens window for sending emaile-mail or telephone at +49 5223 9270-0, or please use our contact form.