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… create an exciting shopping experience and ensure your brand appeals to the emotions of customers.

Think big! Large-scale displays and placements from Knappe + Lehbrink Promotion attract your customers to the point of sale and expose them to your brand world. We help you to design a major presentation solution which is a real eye catcher and creates a very special shopping experience, with no limits to your imagination or sales figures.

Large-scale POS presentation solutions offer you unlimited options and are a major pusher for your sales:

  • You can display a broad range of products as an umbrella brand placement in a concentrated form, thus generating impulse purchases.
  • POS displays are modular in design and can be combined for a variety of applications and expanded through options such as columns, superstructures or items.
  • Large-scale presentation solutions magically attract customers, creating a positive atmosphere and inviting purchases. Exploit this advantage for special advertising promotions, raffles or prize draws.
  • Combining large-scale superstructures with product-supporting displays effectively increases your sales.
  • Create your own unique shopping experience to exhibit your products to customers.

Material and workmanship

Our POS displays are manufactured with high-quality cardboard or laminated corrugated board.

We can offer you a variety of designs and cardboards and help you to select the right material for your individual advertising media. Different printing and enhancement options (e.g. complete surface printing or special paintwork) ensure that your brand is optimally exhibited to achieve a maximum effect.

Although very light, our corrugated board displays are extremely stable and easy to dispose of.  In comparison with long-term displays or other materials, the manufacturing process employed offers you a cost-effective option for your product presentation.

Assembly and logistics

Experience how we transform your presentation into a new sales hit. Knappe + Lehbrink is a one-stop provider of services ranging from consulting and 3D visualisation, sample creation and product development to despatch testing and shipping.

We also ensure that display shipping is handled professionally for you, and sophisticated logistics software enables us to meet all your warehouse storage and shipping requirements in a highly efficient manner.


Just contact us, and together we will develop the ideal POS Display for your brand.

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